Friday, May 11, 2012

Hester Street Fair

After an entire week of rain, there is finally some beautiful weather in New York! Dare I say Spring is here to stay? In celebration, I went down to the Hester Street Fair for their opening weekend with a few friends and if you haven't gone yet, you absolutely should. There is so much to explore and it's definitely one of those things where the fun is in the details so give yourself the day to peruse. There are tons of local vendors with booths for food, jewelry, art, clothes, etc. They rotate vendors every week so I'll definitely be going back. The fair is put on by the folks atThe Big Social, one of their most notable members being Suchin Pak. Remember her from MTV's TRL (RIP)? The fair has been around since the late 1800's, isn't that crazy? Check out this cool photo of the fair then & now from their website:

Look at all the vendors! It was the perfect day for a fair. I wasn't able to take any photos of one of my favorite art stalls but they were scenic photographs adhered to canvas with the rest of the photograph painted in acrylic all around it. I hope I'm painting this picture clearly (heh). There was also a booth doing vintage Polaroid portraits, Karl Lagerfeld was one of their subjects! 
I had a slider from Mighty Balls (the veggie balls with African Onion & Parm) and it was. So. Good.

I also had a sandwich from the Bombay Sandwich Company which, if I had to describe it, was a samosa in sandwich form. Just genius.
Macy's was there kicking off their Bar III pop up store. Shenae Grimes was apparently there but I missed her, womp, womp. 90210 is my guilty pleasure, no judgement please.
It was so tempting to buy everything in sight, so many quirky, fun things to look at! One local vendor was selling these cute ceramic map coasters.
The jewelry vendors had the best displays! 
I wasn't allowed to photograph too many but I did manage to snap this one, with permission of course.
My friend got a Nutella & Strawberry crepe from  
La Crêpe c'est si bon which was just as delicious as it sounds.

If you’re strapped for gift ideas, they're hosting their own Vintage Coterie Market in preparation for Mother's Day this weekend. Tons of vendors will be selling vintage finds like jewelry (which you just can’t go wrong with), watercolors, antique frames and plenty of other knick knacks.  And of course flowers from Jen Kim Made because Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without flowers! Speaking of watercolors, I purchased a watercolor illustration of my own from hélène pé. I don’t have a photo but the illustration is of a girl looking out the window at the New York skyline with “I love you more than New York” written in the sky. Whimsical and if you know me, i'm sure you'd agree it's the perfect find for me . She also has an Etsyshop that’ll give you an idea of her style if you want to check it out. I'm continuing my Unofficial Flea Market Tour of New York this weekend at the Brooklyn Flea Market. Let's see how it compares to Hester! Have a lovely weekend all :)

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