Wednesday, July 6, 2011

West Coast Friendship

Just before my brother left New York after surprising me for birthday, we booked a last minute trip to California! We went for a conference so we didn't do too much sightseeing but had a fabulous weekend none the less. We went on a cruise around the San Francisco Bay (saw Alcatraz!), went to a few clubs downtown, and visited Santana Row (Kara's Cupcakes, yum!). As much as I love the people I met, and don't get me wrong, the laid back pace of Cali was refreshing, I am and always will be an East Coast gal.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't get to see any Fourth of July fireworks, save for he ones from the airplane window. I hope you had a better view!

P.S.- Is it just me or is it blindingly bright in California?

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