Thursday, February 24, 2011

I dream of real estate

It's been a crazy day filled with too much work and not enough sunshine. I already treated myself to chocolate but somehow, i'm left desiring more. Don't worry, I was shocked too. As I started to daydream about better things to come, my thoughts landed upon old photographs I'd forgotten I had. I saved these upon one of my many fantasy New York apartment hunts long before I got my New York internship. If I had to tell you one reason why these pictures mean so much to me it's that, in my head, this is what I imagine when I think of my New York [real estate] dream. In the chaos of the concrete jungle that is the City, having a paradise like those to come home would be the ultimate comfort. It's like a well kept secret you got to first, and made your own. Take a look:

Look at all the space! And the French doors! And the beautiful windows! And the ceiling fan! And the coffee table! And the hardwood floors! Okay, you get it.

Imagine waking up that view, with all the gorgeous light! That bed looks like the best sleep of my life. I love the bedding, it fits so beautifully with the color palette while introducing new textures into the decor.

Oddly enough, this is my favorite picture and my favorite part of the apartment. There is something so majestic about that view, how intimate that table for two is, and the simplicity of the flowers in the window. Maybe it's because i've woken up in New York to this very light (unfortunately not the same view) that i'm so enamored with these photos but whatever the reason, it's a lovely space isn't it?

I know I could have chosen to idolize photos of a penthouse apartment or something of the likes but to me, this is perfect. It's out of reach for now but very much attainable one day in the future. I stupidly did not save the listing for this apartment so I don't know what neighborhood or street it's on but, I suppose it's not all about the apartment. It's about how it feels to me and surely i'll find a place that will make me feel this real estate infatuation again, right?

On a side note, the interior decor of this place is not my taste at all but i'm head over heels for the actual structure of the apartment. I just had to put that out there so no one thinks i'm a 30 year old at heart.

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