Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Art doesn't have to be expensive to be good."

I've seen so many mentions around the blogosphere about 20x200 and when I finally stumbled over to the site, I became a believer. It started when Jen Bekman wanted to find a way to connect artists with art enthusiasts. To put it exactly, Jen says, "limited editions x low prices +theinternet = art for everyone." Personally, I love the diverse the pieces are. They have everything from an owl print to semi-erotic prints.

This one is called Sugarcoat by Michelle Hinebrook. When I think of art, I feel like I should pick something more... convoluted if that makes any sense. But what I love about this is how it's chaotic but the detail keeps it from looking like it belongs in a child's bedroom. I'd place it in an all white bathroom as the focal point. Hinebrook says this piece is part of series that looks at sensations of the body and the experience of taste and touch. I can see it.

This one is my favorite by far. I love the text but also, I love the story behind the text. Austin Kleon, the artist, takes New York Times articles and blacks out most of the text leaving a few key words behind. It's a marrying of art and poetry to me, and that's something something worth hanging.
If all else fails, there are always these colorful cake prints by Amy Stevens called "Confections (adorned #14)." They were her answer to turning 30, baking 30 birthday cakes. When she realized they didn't look like Martha's cakes, she decided to make prints instead. Sounds like my kind of woman.

Now to satisfy my cake craving...

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