Monday, March 14, 2011

Food, Identity, and Politics

I'm currently taking a class called Food, Identity, and Politics in which we discuss food and how it builds our identities from a Feminist Psychology perspective. A reoccurring issue within the course material is SES (socioeconomic status). Today we talked about food and what it means to us and what role it play in our lives. For me, food is social. It's a way to gather with friends or family, it's a social activity, all in all, it's so much more than just food. Think about it, food is not just a crucial piece to our survival, it's one of the building blocks upon which our society functions. When you go on a date, you go to dinner. When you have an interview, it's over coffee or lunch/dinner. You attend any social function (charity events, conferences, parties) there is bound to be food there. Why? Food is a way to bring people together, it's something to hold/do when you have a conversation, all the while meeting basic human needs. But what if you can't afford this basic human need? is an interactive website launched just last month in a collaboration between McKinney and Urban Ministries of Durham. It's a "game" that tests your ability to get through the month on the income you have and all of life's little surprises. I played 4 times before I was able to make it through the month. It challenges the stigma against those who need help and gives you a chance to help if you so choose. If nothing else, it opens your eyes to how fortunate you are, or at least, that's what it did for me.

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  1. Food is a very social thing in my life as well. I spend so much time cooking for others, and I enjoy it. I guess I like to feed people. Ha, I wonder what that says about my psychology!

    That's a cool website about the $$, I'm going to try it out and see if I starve!

    PS- Thanks for finding me! And thanks for entering the jewelry Giveaway!