Sunday, January 15, 2012

Second time around

I'm getting a French Facial today, how perfect since it's lazy Sunday. I've only ever had one other facial experience in my life and it went terribly. My face was red and flaky for days (ew)! I swore I would never get a facial again but then I kept thinking, what if it was just this one bad experience? Maybe that lady cheated in beautician school and of course, she's the one that gives me my facial and because of her and this terrible experience, i'm robbed of a lifetime of dewy, fabulous skin? 

So i'm braving the cold weather and trekking it all the way down to Canal Street for this second go around. Also, it's a French Facial. I love all things French and I trust that this facial will somehow automatically be better than the last because the last one was just a facial. Look at all this rationale I have! Everything will be alright. 

P.S.- Look at how relaxed and soothed that woman looks! I selected this picture in particular with the hope that I'll look just like her during/after.
P.P.S.- Why is she wearing makeup during her facial?

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